Since 2012, the research group has been very active and has organized a number of different events including: five international conferences, two academic seminars, five classical music concerts and a variety of outreach activities, all of which have been widely reported on in the media (press, radio, television).


Título: Seminario interdisciplinar. La Imagología y los Estudios de Estereotipos.

Lugar: Colegio San José de Caracciolos. Aula por determinar.

Fecha: 18 de septiembre de 2019

Duración: 5 horas

Requisitos: La actividad va inicialmente dirigida a los/las estudiantes de todos los programas de doctorado de la rama de Arte y Humanidades, dado el enfoque multidisciplinar del tema del seminario.

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Programa Seminario Imagología y Estereotipos



Previous projects


1st INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION CONFERENCE: “The Reception of Richard Wagner in Western culture” / “Wagner-Rezeption in der abendländischen Kultur” (3-4 June 2013)

To mark the bicentenary year of Richard Wagner´s birth, the research group RECEPTION along with the Spanish Goethe Society hosted the International Conference “The Reception of Richard Wagner in Western Culture” on June 3rdand 4th2013. The contributions to the conference examined the reception of his work in music, his impact on literature and cinema, his presence in western culture, as well as the reception of Wagnerian aesthetics in music, literature, cinema and the philosophy of visual arts.

a_Wagner Family 3 junio
Participants at the 1stInternational RECEPTION conference: “The reception of Richard Wagner in western culture / Wagner-Rezeption in der abendländischen Kultur”, 3- 4 June 2013

2nd INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION CONFERENCE: “Perspectives on the Reception of the Work of Roberto Gerhard” / “Aspectos de la recepción de la obra de Roberto Gerhard” (6-7 October 2013), organized in conjunction with the University of Huddersfield

The conference was organized with the collaboration of the University of Huddersfield. Different aspects of the reception of Roberto Gerhard’s work were analyzed during the congress.

Participants at the 2ndRECEPTION conference: “Perspectives of the Reception of the Work of Roberto Gerhard”, 6th– 7thOctober 2013

3rd INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION CONFERENCE: “War and Reception. First Centenary of the First World War” (6-7 October 2014)

In keeping with events all around the world, the RECEPTION group commemorated the first Centenary of the First World War. The conference brought together international specialists who discussed the interaction between war and reception and analyzed the impact that the Great War had on culture and especially on literature and music.

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4th INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION CONFERENCE: “The Reception of Cervantes in the 20thand 21stCentury. Myths and Legends” (5-7 October 2016)

On the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Cervantes, the research group RECEPTION organized a conference with international experts to analyze the impact of Alcalá de Henares’ most famous son on 20thand 21stcentury culture. The conference took place in the imposing setting of the Rectorate of the Universidad de Alcalá from October 5thto 7th, coinciding with Cervantes Week. The conference analyzed the reception of the myths and legends present in his work during the 20thand 21stcenturies.




The conference examined the increasing presence of Germanic myths in audiovisual media, with a special focus on films, TV series, comics and video games. The reception of these myths in opera or theatre was also discussed, as well as their impact on contemporary art, which also merges image and sound in happenings, installations or performances.

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As part of the cultural program included in the conferences mentioned above, the RECEPTION group has organized the following concerts:

  • Cervantes concert series. Fourth Centenary of the death of Cervantes:
    • “Dance Music in Cervantes’ Time/La música de danza en los tiempos de Cervantes”.  Chamber music group of the Universidad de Alcalá. Pablo Gastaminza (conductor), Marco Moreno (flutes and percussion), Mercedes López (violin) and Yolanda Barrero (dance). Chapel of San Ildefonso, Alcalá de Henares on 6th October 2016.
    • “Cervantes in Contemporary Music /Cervantes en la música contemporánea”. Performed by the duo Elena Gragera (mezzosoprano) and Antón Cardó (piano).  Chapel of San Ildefonso, Alcalá de Henares on 7th October 2016
  • “Commemorative Concert for the Centenary of the First World War – War and Reception Conference”. Performed by the string quartet – Leipziger Streichquartett and the soprano Christiane Oelze, Germany. Music Room of the Universidad de Alcalá, on 8thOctober 2014.
  • Concert “Arnold Schönberg and Roberto Gerhard”, performed by Elena Gragera and Antón Cardó– International Conference “Perspectives on the Reception of the work of Roberto Gerhard. Place: Music room of the University of Alcalá, on 6th June 2013
  • Concert “Bicentenary Richard Wagner”, performed by the Orchestra of the Universidad of Alcalá – International Conference “The reception of Richard Wagner in the western culture/ Richard Wagner-Rezeption in der abendländischen Kultur, 4thto 5thJune 2013.